Maggie's Manchester

This month at Worker Bee, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our proud new charity partner Maggie's Manchester and the incredible work they do for people with cancer and their families. With being a small business and Manchester brand we love to support all of the local charities we possibly can.

About Maggie's 

The founder Maggie Keswick Jenks set Maggie's up because of her own personal diagnosis prompting her to create a new kind of cancer care that wasn't inside a hospital to make cancer patients more comfortable and offer support with diagnosis not just to the person but also there families. The first Maggie's centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996 and since then they have expanded to centres all over the United Kingdom and even abroad. Every time you purchase a Worker Bee product you are helping charities like Maggie's survive. 

Head to the Maggie's website here to find out more

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