Introducing... Wellington Mill!

Introducing... Wellington Mill!

Our once named Little Greene blend has had a glow up and is now named after our very own Wellington Mill in Stockport!

 Built in 1828 by Thomas Marsland, Wellington Mill was one of the first ever mills to be built as completely fireproof. After opening as a cotton mill, it was partially taken over by the Ward brothers in the 1890s and used as a hat factory up until the 1930s. Wellington Mill is now used as a museum and apartments, and its famous 200-foot chimney is an iconic Stockport landmark.


But what does Triple Certified mean?

 In order for a product to be certified, it must meet certain criteria:

 Fairtrade: For a coffee to be given the Faitrtrade stamp of approval, the production of the beans must be under strict regulations that prohibits child labour in the growing and harvesting process. Fairtrade also ensures that the coffee farmers are given a fair wage and trade amount for their crop.

 Organic: To be certified organic, the beans themselves need to be grown under soil regulations and the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals is strictly prohibited.

 Rainforest Alliance: According to the Rainforest Alliance website, the product or ingredient should meet three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. The Rainforest Alliance helps to keep the environment in which the crop is grown a safe and sustainable place for wildlife and humans alike.


But don’t worry, Wellington is still our triple certified with Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance blend. We haven’t tweaked the recipe either. Same great coffee, great new local name!

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