What are the Health Benefits of Tumeric Latte?

What are the Health Benefits of Tumeric Latte?

Turmeric Latte has been drunk in India for hundreds of years as an Ayurvedic remedy and is believed to have powerful health benefits.

Since its popularity has increased in the West, claims have been made linking it to be an effective cure for a number of common conditions, including:
  • Hangovers
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Baldness 
  • And even excessive body hair!

So it’s understandable why so many cafes and outlets include it among the other more traditional cuppas! 

It has also been hailed for its fertility-boosting properties as well as a therapeutic assistance for Alzheimer’s disease.

But before we get too carried away, it has to be said that science only supports some of these claims to date. Even if it’s only half as good as billed, you’ve got to agree, it’s pretty impressive as a drink.

Different recipes contain a range of additional spices and ours is a blend of turmeric, coconut nectar sugar, ginger, cinnamon and black peppercorns, giving it a truly tremendous taste and very distinctive golden yellow colour.

To make a delicious tumeric latte, mix between 5-10 grams of powder with a little cold water to form a paste. Then add hot or cold water or your favourite milk to finish it off. It is the perfect drink for any time of day!

Whatever the truth about turmeric latte, it can’t be denied that it is a great source of curcumin, the ingredient that gives turmeric its rich yellow colour. Some studies have linked it to reducing inflammation in the body, which can cause chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. Taking regular doses of curcumin might also help improve your memory and brain function and lower the risk of dementia.

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