About WB Tea & Coffee

Our Roots

Like most small businesses, our mission to deliver great tea & coffee took more winding paths than the classic b-line of our bee mascot. Departing from Ireland with a curious spirit, our founder bee travelled across the isles to discover more about their keen question: What are the meeting points between people, places and products?... 

After meeting many business owners and hot-drink fanatics, they started to build a body of key bee-data, and, keen to make a mark in better brew options, crafted a series of solutions to make the experience of selecting and drinking coffee even better than it is today. 

Drinks: Properties & Proper Teas 

At Worker Bee Tea & Coffee we are industrious in our efforts to bring you the best quality coffee and tea, as well as a variety that satisfies a range of tastes. For starters, we wouldn’t settle for anything less than 100% ethically sourced tea, coffee and chocolate, carrying the proud badge of Fair-Trade, Vegan with some additional organic options. Next, we ensure that our tea and coffee is roasted, blended, and delivered with the least possible negative impact to our environment. Our highly experienced blenders and quality graders tweak and tailor our brews until we are 100% happy that there is an honest brew for everyone to enjoy. - some of our processes have been years in the making. 

And we wouldn’t be putting our mission where our mouth is, if we didn’t consider the result encompassing different types of brew-suppers. For example, we offer options not only based on taste but ‘feels’. Part of that means blending beans from different regions to create options even for the caffeine-conscious and caffeine free. So, if you’re looking for a punchy hit, look no further than a Robusta-heavy blend like Beehive Mill or Didsbury Blend, and if you’re after a blend with slightly mellower, more sustained effects, you can feel safe and sound with our more Arabica-biased blends. 

And our teas? You’ll only find the best hand-picked and rolled whole leaf teas. Featuring both our classic black tea blends, including Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon and our small (but mighty) collection of blends mixed with curated spices, herbs and botanics for their beneficial compounds and varied exhibitions of flavour.  For something different we’d recommend our Royal Mill black tea or the caffeine free Rooibos Chamomile & Lavender infusion. 

Community: Common Threads 

Whilst you’re sipping on your Worker Bee Brew, you can be safe in the knowledge that someone like-minded is sipping with you too. When we say like-minded, this means two things; someone drawn to good, honest quality. And someone drawn to fairness in the processes that have fruited that product.

Having built its roots supporting close-by causes and businesses, Worker Bee continues to balance its actions by working in a harmonious way with its surroundings. For example, we regularly donate to local charities who need a boost - in the same way you do from a brew first thing in the morning - so you can know that by purchasing from Worker Bee Tea & Coffee, you are doing good by yourself and by others. 

And though worth a mention of our more local, Manchester-dwelling beginnings, 

We evolve our operations in a way that respects the local eco-system of businesses. What this means, is that if you find yourself sipping on our tea, coffee or chocolate a few hundred miles from our North-nestled engine house, your drink will have been roasted or blended on the same land-mass we float on together and transported by us or local courier.

Our Mission

Giving everyone the chance to come together through an honest brew fit for a king…..or Queen Bee!

Our Vision

To continue improving a positive impact on our environment whilst enhancing our brews for anyone to enjoy.

Want to stock up on our bountiful brews?  

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