5 Awesome Things to do with Your Old Coffee Grounds

5 Awesome Things to do with Your Old Coffee Grounds

In celebration of National Organic month this September (and the re-launch of Little Greene’s new name, Wellington Mill!), us worker bees have put our heads together to think of creative and planet-friendly things to do with your used coffee grounds from your machine, cafetiere or filter. 


1. Put them on your garden! 

 Coffee grounds make a remarkable fertiliser for most outdoor plants. They are made up of nitrogen and vital minerals which are an absolute feast for flowers. Tip them into a compost bin or sprinkle them directly into your flower pots and beds. Be careful though, coffee grounds are acidic so make sure to check which plants can survive in this fertilised soil. 


2. Put them in a wormery

 Our wriggly friends love the occasional caffeine boost as much as we do. Worms will happily munch on our coffee grounds to create compost and fertiliser. You’ll also be pleased to know that slugs and snails hate the acidity of coffee in soil (so do unwanted furry felines!), so your coffee can help to prevent pests.


3. Make a coffee body scrub!

 Instead of spending your money on a posh (and likely chemical-laden) body scrub from a retailer, why not have a go at making your own to use in the shower? You can find some great recipes online to suit your skin needs. 


4. Use it as a natural alternative to dyes

 Remember when you were a kid and the teacher asked you to make a piece of paper look aged? Simply mix your coffee grounds into water and quickly draw your piece of paper under the surface, then hang it up to dry and voila, one old looking piece of parchment paper! Tip: This also works with old tea bags!

5. Send them to Coffee Logs!

 If all else fails, you can always package up your coffee grounds and send them to Coffee Logs. Coffee Logs are an ethical alternative to firewood and they are more than happy to receive your old grounds. You can learn more about the process here


You can buy yourself a bag of Wellington Mill in our shop! (To drink first, of course) 

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