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This month at Worker Bee, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our proud charity partner Forever Manchester, and the incredible work they do. 

Since founding in 1989, Forever Manchester’s mission has been quite simple really: to strengthen local communities through grassroots projects, putting a smile back on peoples’ faces. They are in fact, the only charity that funds inspiring community activities of all sizes across Greater Manchester. No project is too small for the humbling folks over at Forever Manchester, who take on the seemingly impossible task of listening to the stories of individuals and groups alike; after all, how can we look after the bigger picture without first addressing the individual lives that make it up?

Forever Manchester fund over 1,000 community projects in Greater Manchester…PER YEAR!! Since beginning 30 years ago they have raised over £38 million for local communities, directly benefitting the lives of 1.1 million people. To put that into context, Forever Manchester have helped community actions within one mile of your home or business if it’s in Greater Manchester. Head over to to read some of the countless stories of lives they have helped to transform… it really is amazing.

Here at Worker Bee we share this ethos when it comes to our tea & coffee, recognising the important role they play in bringing people together, making big changes through little moments. Each one of our products is named after a historical Manchester mill; paying respect to the hardworking industrial past of our city, but also nodding to the work we must now do to rebuild and revitalise many communities that have been forgotten about and become disenfranchised with these busy modern lives we lead.

Worker Bee is dedicated to the idea of giving back, and Forever Manchester, being so effective in local communities and reliant on donations, seemed like a perfect choice. Since we started in April 2017, we have donated 5% of all our tea & coffee sales to the charity, thus far totalling £1200. We aim to strengthen our relationship with the charity and, of course, we think there’s room for improvement when it comes to how much we can hand over to them…but we need your help.

As you can read in the link above, so many stories of community successes begin over a hot drink and a chat. Cherish the relationships and conversations you have over a cuppa, never knowing just where they may lead. All we’re asking you to do is get out there and choose Worker Bee as your go to brew, knowing that you’re making a difference every time.

And you can always donate directly to Forever Manchester, just go to:

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