BEEHIVE MILL Blend of Arabica/Robusta Beans

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BEEHIVE MILL Blend of Arabica/Robusta Beans

BEEHIVE MILL Blend of Arabica/Robusta Beans


BEEHIVE MILL 60/40 Blend of Arabica/Robusta Beans


227g beans


3 equal parts of Brazil, Colombia and Central America. - 100% Arabica

Brazil – A naturally processed Brazilian Arabica grown in Minas Gerais. Grown at low altitudes, this coffee has a very mild acidity, creamy body and rich chocolate sweetness.

Honduras and Nicaragua – Fully washed Arabica beans from Central America, grown at a minimum altitude of 1,350 masl. These coffees provide a soft, mellow acidity and balance to the blend.

India – Most Indian coffee is shade grown and often intercropped with other plants such as cardamom, clove and pepper. This blend contains both natural and washed Robustas. The natural provides body and sweetness to the blend, whilst the washed coffee gives a clean, chocolatey taste to the finish.



Flavour profile

The blend is heavy, dark and robust. Designed to punch through large milky drinks, this coffee has an intense roasty taste, chocolate like sweetness and a long nutty finish.

Mill name

Beehive Mill is a Grade II listed former cotton mill in the district of Ancoats, Manchester. The Mill was constructed in three phases, the first two being in the early 1820s with the third phase being added in 1847. The warehouse roof belonging to Beehive Mill is the only known surviving example in Manchester of a mill roof using pre-fabricated cast and wrought iron.

Additional Information


Brazilian and Central American Arabicas blended with Indian Robustas to provide an intense coffee with enough strength ti punch through milk drinks.

Countries: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, India

Regions: Minas Gerais, Jinotega, Copain, Kerala

Altitude: Up to 1,350 masl

Harvest Period: May to August for Brazil, from December to April for Honduras and Nicaragua, and from November to March for India

Cropping: Mechanical and hand picking

Processing: Naturally dried on sun patios for Brazil and the natural Indian. Pulped, fermented and fully washed for the Honduras and Nicaragua and washed Indian.

BEEHIVE MILL Blend of Arabica/Robusta Beans

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