Wholesale PICCADILLY MILL Arabica Beans

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Wholesale PICCADILLY MILL Arabica Beans

Wholesale PICCADILLY MILL Arabica Beans


Wholesale PICCADILLY MILL Arabica Beans


500g Bag


Brazil - A naturally processed Brazilian Arabica grown in Minas Gerais. Grown at low altitudes, this coffee has a very mild acidity, creamy body and rich chocolate sweetness.

Honduras and Nicaragua - Fully washed Arabica beans from Central America. These coffees provide a soft, mellow acidity and balance to the blend.

Sumatra - Grown on lofty volcanic slopes in Sumatra's Aceh region, this coffee is processed using the traditional Giling Basah method. The coffee is pulped and stored wet, before being hulled at 50% moisture. This unique process gives Sumatran coffee its distinctive heavy body and spicy, peppery flavour.



Flavour profile

Full-bodied with a syrupy mouthfeel, dark chocolate sweetness, dark fruit acidity and a long peppery finish.

Mill name

Piccadilly Mill, also known as Bank Top Mill or Drinkwater's Mill, owned by Peter Drinkwater, was the first cotton mill in Manchester to be directly powered by a steam engine, and the 10th such mill in the world. Construction of the four-storey mill on Auburn Street started in 1789 and its 8hp Boulton and Watt engine was installed and working by May 1790.

Additional Information


A blend of Brazilian, Central American and Indonesian beans blended to create a rich, sweet and chocolatey coffee.

Country: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Sumatra

Region: Minas Gerais, Jinotega, Copan, Aceh.

Altitude: Up to 1,500 masl

Harvest Period: May to August for Brazil, from December to April for Honduras and Nicaragua, and from June to December for Sumatra.

Cropping: Mechanical and hand picking

Processing: Naturally dried on sun patios for Brazil. Pulped, fermented and fully washed for Honduras and Nicaragua. Semi-washed and wet pulped for Sumatra.

Wholesale PICCADILLY MILL Arabica Beans

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